1. Deep cleaning without chemicals
    The trick to steam cleaning is the powerful combination of steam pressure, speed and temperature. Microscopic steam particles force their way deep into even tough cracks and small grooves, thoroughly loosening dust particles. Because steam cleaning does not use any chemical cleaners, it prevents any allergens from remaining on the surface being cleaned. This provides you with a safe environment, which is especially important for small children, who love to put things in their mouths, and is a relief for allergy sufferers.
  2. Steam can kill many types of bacteria
    Sometimes the better way to kill germs is also the easier way: hot steam. The powerful jet of steam combined with high heat, powerful jets and heated cleaning cloths ensure that the PEAKVAC steam cleaner kills most common household germs on hard surfaces, fittings, tiles, mirrors and more. This result is part of a study by the well-known Enders laboratory in Stuttgart that common household bacteria cannot survive this cleaning effect.
  3. Better than a mop
    PEAKVAC steam sterilizers ensure better cleaning results and hygiene on hard surfaces such as stone, tile, PVC, laminate or parquet. The Kärcher floor spray head is equipped with narrow plates, which ensure that the steam is concentrated on the floor for a long time and thus achieves an even better cleaning result. Thanks to its high cleaning performance and strong cleaning action, the Kärcher steam sterilizer kills most common household bacteria* on all hard surfaces and is therefore more hygienic than conventional mops.


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