double sided adhesive tape

double sided adhesive tape


Double-Sided Tape

The Super-Adhesion 119 Inch Mounting Tape for Wall

Advanced Nano Technology

Laufary’s latest technology uses acrylic material with exclusive compression to improve strong sticky, boost instant lock, and reduce packaging size.

Better Value-for-Money

This two sides tape comes with an upgrade kit with a longer length, superior adhesion, and exquisite packaging to let you stick items with zero worries.


Laufary Double-Sided Tape is optimized to work flawlessly with a wide range of smooth surfaces, including marble, glass, ceramic tile, wood, metal and plastic, now you can mount all of your small items via a single ultra-convenient tape.

The Tape Your Daily Life Needs

Laufary double-sided mounting tape is designed with a 160-inch length and tough strength adhesive to provide premium holding power for wall hanging and gadgets storage, so you can mount exactly as many items as you need.

How to use it?

Step 1>>Clean both surfaces. Step 2>>Apply and cut the tape to enough size. Step 3>>Press tape on the item firmly for 10 seconds. Step 4>>Remove the film and align the item. Step 5>>Press the item on the surface hard for 20 seconds.

How to Store?

Put it in the original or similar PET bag first to prevent the sides of the tape from sticking to other things accidentally.


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