LUTIAN Portable Water Gun 220V 1400W High-Pressure Washer for Car Washer Garden Watering

Technical Specifications:

  • Material: ABS+Copper
  • Voltage:220V
  • Power Plug: CN Plug
  • Power:1400W
  • Water Pressure(Allowable):100Bar/1450PSI/10mpa
  • Water PressureRated): 75Bar/1087PSI/7.5mpa
  • Working Flow Rate(Max):8L/Min
  • Working Flow Rate(Rated): 5L/Min
  • Water Pipe Length(inlet): 2 Meters
  • Water Pipe Length(outlet): 6 Meters
  • Power Cable Length: 1.5 Meters
  • Water Adjustable Angle: 0-120°
  • Maximum water temperature: 50 ° C
  • Application: For garden watering, agricultural irrigating, car washing, household cleaning, and so on.

●The LUTIAN washer is simple and convenient to use. Especially attractive is its low cost and time-tested quality. This washer works with a voltage of 220V. The presence of double insulation of live parts eliminates the need for additional grounding when connected to the network and minimizes the risk of electro-injury, which is important when working with water.
●The engine output of 1400W with the release of water under pressure up to 100bar. The copper pump is characterized by increased reliability. It is not subject to corrosion.
●Convenience and ease of transportation due to the built-in wheels and handles in the machine.
●The washer has a vertical layout, and the connectors for connecting the water supply hoses and high pressure are located on the sides. The device is connected to a water pipe, but in the absence of such water can be taken from the tank installed at a certain elevation. Applicable to the removal of most contaminants of different persistence.
●The model is equipped with a power cable length of 2 meters. For the period of storage and transportation, the cable is wound on special “horns” and does not cause any inconvenience. The length of the water inlet high-pressure hose is 3 meters, and the length of the water outlet high-pressure hose is 6 meters, so the range of the washer is quite extensive. Convenient handles and wheels are provided for movement.

Accessories Included:

  1. Washer Machine
  2. Spray Gun Handle
  3. Sprinkler
  4. Water Inlet Filter Nut
  5. 2M Water Inlet Pipe
  6. 6M Water Outlet
  7. Multi-function Connector
  8. Push-in Connector
  9. Foam Pot
  10. Self-priming Filter

1 lutian 1400w car washer



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