• USB Wireless Game Console—Our game console is suited for you and your families to spend leisure time, which supports one or two players. More importantly, this portable HD video game console is equipped with a game stick with built-in 3500 classic games.
  • Easy to Use—Considering game console users cover adults and kids, we design this simply operating console.
  • You just need to connect the game console to the HD interface of the TV, and then connect the USB-powered data cable to the body unit, at last adjust the TV source to the HD channel to display the game list screen on the TV.
  • In addition, if you want to quit the game, please press the SELECT and START button at the same time for two seconds.
    Remote Control—Compared with other traditional wire game consoles, the game console could be controlled by 2.4G b t with10 meters distance.
  • With remote control function, you never worry that your kids suffer from myopia problems because they are too close to the screen while playing games.
  • Suitable for Most HD Equipment—Our HD video game console support most TVs with an HD interface, please don’t hesitate to order it.
  • It would be a wonderful gift for your family or friends. You just need to connect the HD output port to a TV or computer to enjoy pleasure game time.
  • You can download games in the related format on MAME/GB/GBC/MD/SFC/PS1/N64/ATARI2600.
  • Package Included—2 X Controller,1 X Game Stick,1 X Charging Cable.





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