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Game Modes Include:

  • Multiplayer – Apart from the Exo movement, Advanced Warfare‘s multiplayer retains certain similarities to the previous Call of Duty titles. The Pick 10 system in Black Ops II returns as Pick 13, allowing players to pick weapons, attachments, perks, and score-streaks within a total of 13 allocation points.
  • Campaign – Welcome to 2054. The world is in chaos and it’s up to you to bring it back from the brink. You’ll assume the role of Private Jack Mitchell, a young marine who finds himself reborn as a soldier working for the Atlas Corporation.
  • CO-OP – Exo Survival is Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare’s chaotic, fast-paced cooperative mode that pits you and up to 3 friends against increasingly challenging waves of enemies, ranging from soldiers and asts to dogs, drones, and more.
  • DLC – Exo Zombies was first teased at the end of the Exo Survival map “Riot”, and was officially announced with the Havoc downloadable content (DLC) pack. The game features zombies that utilize Exo suits, giving them more maneuverability. The game mode stars five brand new characters. More Content, More Action. DLC’s are downloadable content packages, each featuring 4 new multiplayer maps, new Exo Zombies co-op experiences, and bonus weapons.



Xbox One


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