Why Choose Namando Wireless Rechargeable Mouse?

  • Are you still often troubled by cluttered office desks?
  • Are you often upset with the messed cords on the desk?
  • Are you annoyed by the endless loud mouse clicks?
  • Do you need to go on a business trip a lot?
  • Get awkward when the mouse stops working for no power while in the meeting? or no alternative battery at hand?

The Namando Wireless Rechargeable Mouse is designed to eliminate all your troubles and bring you back to happiness in your work.

Namando has been dedicated to computer accessories for decades, aiming to research with ergonomic principles and the needs of daily life, to design a better product to clear out troubles and advance your life for the better.

  • Best Wireless Mouse – NO MORE messed cords, say goodbye to the cluttered desk, makes everything simple and clear!
  • Best Quiet Click USB Mouse – With the humanization silent click design, NO MORE bothering, Create you a quiet and focusing work environment.
  • Best Mouse for Travel – If you have business travel frequently, this is a must-have mouse, small but compact, lightweight but full-featured, wireless portable, elegant appearance, a perfect match for your laptop.
  • Best Battery Life – Eliminate all your concerns and embarrassment of being out of battery from the root, this rechargeable mouse can last 18 months after a full charge, and it supports use while charging.
  • Best Sensor Performance – Wide adjustable CPI range, excellent click latency, helps you interact with your computer more comfortably and enjoyably, perfect for work and life use.
  • Best Compatibility – Well compatible with Windows Vista and Mac OS. Sleek and compact looking is suitable for both women and men, various jobs use.

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