How to pair Xdobo 15W Bluetooth Speaker?
1. Make sure these two speakers to be paired are disconnected from your Bluetooth device before turning them on, then turn on two speakers.
2. Select any of the speakers. Double click the “power” button to enter TWS status.
3. When paired successfully, the LED indicator light on either speaker will remain on.
4. Look for ¨Prince 1995¨ on your device, select it and connect.
5. Once the speakers are successfully paired for the first time, they will automatically pair next time without the previous pairing operation.

Important Note:
1. Don’t run any fast charger or PD charger or Gan charger or fast charger that exceeds the 5V-1A output
2. XDOBO Prince 1995 is IPX7 waterproof. Do not expose the XDOBO Prince 1995 to water during charging.
3. Doing so may cause permanent damage to the speaker or power supply.

1. Bluetooth 5.0
2. Output power 15RMS
3. Frequency response: 80hz-18kHz
4. Battery type: 3.7V / 3300mAh
5. Charging time: approximately 2.5 hours
6. Music playback time: up to 20 hours, varies according to volume level and audio content
7 . Dimensions: 10.5 * 10.5 * 7cm
xdobo 15w prince 1995 bluetooth speaker


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